To book an appointment for one of our specialist doctors you will need a referral from your GP or another specialist (please note referrals from GPs last for 12 months whilst referrals from specialists only last 3 months).

Once you have been referred please send a copy of your referral (scan or photograph is fine - but must be legible) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be in contact to offer you an appointment time. If you have any queries please contact our reception on (08) 9389 9188.

Couples being referred for fertility treatment will require a referral for both partners with their full names and date of birth.

Please note: Our specialists do not have the facility to do colposcopy in these rooms. If you have been referred for a colposcopy (based on an abnormal cervical screening test - formerly known as pap smear), we do know of the following practices that offer this service:

Dr Mini Zachariah – Nedlands – 9389 5000
Dr Robyn Leake – Nedlands – 9389 5065
Dr Alison Garvin – Wembley – 9383 7500
Dr Katherine Penrose – Murdoch – 9313 8800

Upload a copy of your referral directly to our office. It can be a photo taken with your device's camera or as a scanned image.

Also use this form to upload a Vaccination Certificate
Allowed file types are pdf,doc,jpg,jpeg,gif,png Just ensure it is readable.

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